Cindy Wallace

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Cindy  Wallace Three Sisters
Dreamtime sisters
40 x 40 cm

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Cindy  Wallace

Cindy Wallace

Cindy Wallace Biography

: Cindy was born in 1978 and is the sister of Colleen Wallace Nungari, a well established indigenous artist. She is originally from  Santa Teresa Community approximately one hour from Alice Springs in Central Australia.  Both women were raised by their aunt Kathleen Wallace who is a well known Keringke artist and strong mentor in Santa Teresa Community. Cindy has been painting for about 12 years and was self taught. Her depictions tell the stories of Women’s Ceremonies, which relate to initiations, seasonal changes in food sources and Awelye – this is a general term used to cover all of “women’s business”. The body paint designs are applied to the chest, breasts and shoulders of women who are about to partake in ceremony. They also mirror the dancing tracks taken during ceremonial times. These stories form a very important part of Aboriginal society, assisting and teaching people how to behave, social order and their belief system.

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