Rex Winston Walford

Rex Winston Walford - Turquoise Sun Dreaming

Turquoise Sun Dreaming, 2019

Acrylic on canvas  
90 x 180 cm

Sun Dreaming is a tribute to the power of the sun which brings life to the earth with its light and warmth. Plants grow and feed animals and insects. Even the coral and fish are dependent on the suns light. The sunsets measure of our time with its daily rising. However, the sun can also bring death in the form of heat and drought. It is a reminder of the importance of balance in our lives.

The sun is part of Australian life. Aboriginal legends say that the sun is a great fire made from wood collected from the forests in the sky by a cloud spirit. In the early morning the fire is just lit and burns slowly and then as the fire grows larger it becomes hotter and by midday it is fully ablaze. By evening the fire is nearly out, down to a pile of red embers and the process starts again without fail.


AUD 4,000.00

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