Colin Jones

Crocodile Nesting, 2016

Acrylic on canvas  
106 x 182 cm

"Along the banks of the saltwater river the crocodile has her nest she scratches the leaves + grass into a mound to make her nest, not far from the water. Her food sauce is the fish + crabs in the river their is (5) sand crabs camouflaged in the water, from the sand. The rainforest grows the tree python lives here.

The foot prints are the people following the maps of the land we call 'Song Lines'. Moving from one camp site to another to protect the land. The circles on the left side are (3) women sitting around the fire with wooden bowls of bush tucker food (3 lots).

On the left side is a small hand sign, my little grand son. 'Ren.' On the other side is my grand daughters hand 'Maddison'. On the top lef hand side is the hand sign of my grandson. Zhayvarne. The hand signs are camouflaged with the land. They say we belong to the land."

Colin Jones, 2016.



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