Glenys Napaltjarri

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Glenys Napaltjarri Womens Ceremony
Womens Ceremony
32 x 39 cm

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Glenys Napaltjarri

Glenys Napaltjarri

Glenys Napaltjarri Biography

Glenys was born in 1968 in Papunya and now lives at Kiwirrikura, a remote community 700 kms NW of Alice Springs where she is married to Oscar Jakamarra and has two sons.

Glenys has been painting since 2006.Glenys's mother, Ningura Naparulla taught her to paint women's dreaming. Glenys's father was Yala Yala Gibbs also an original member of Papunya Tula and now deceased.

Glenys paints predominantly in three colours, a black or red oxide background with design elements painted in dark red and then stippling or thick cream paint in between the design.

Glenys paints Women's Tingari Dreamings, the concentric circles depicted in her paintings are sacred women's sites such as rockholes. In the dreamtime the Tingari women travelled across the country depicted by the straight lines.Women are illustrated as U shapes, sitting next to their grinding stones and coolamon bowls, the striped coneshapes are water vessels made by the women; small circles refer to the bush tomatoes, and cream dotted background colour is the earth and the witchetty grubs are found there.The Tingari women performed many important dances and ceremonies on those sites, and women still go there and do the same today.

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