Tarisse King


Earth Cycles

Acrylic on linen  
47 x 53 cm

Drawing on the teachings of her influential father, Tarisse recalls the philosophy he taught her – that everything in life is circular. There is no beginning and no end; the connection between people and the world around them in ongoing. Tarisse echoes her father’s depiction of the Earth Cycles with the repetition of concentric circles across the canvas. The circles and dots identify the connections and relationships found throughout life. Tarisse dots her circles with a stick heavily laded with paint. The paint is so thick that the dots hold form and often contain peaks where the stick left the canvas. The result is prickly, textural and 3-D. Tarisse usually only uses white and another bold colour, such as red, that slowly bleeds its way across the canvas. True to their title, these paintings are full of youthfulness and provide a sharp contemporary aesthetic.


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