Welcome to Aboriginal Art Galleries

Aboriginal Art Galleries is situated in the beautiful must-see location in Sydney on the 2nd floor of the Queen Victoria Building.

Aboriginal Art Galleries has been proudly involved in the Indigenous Art industry for over twenty eight years. Our collection includes artworks from emerging artists through to artists who are nationally and internationally renowned.

All our artworks are from Aboriginal Community Art Centres as well as ethical private art dealers and independent artists. All artworks are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Aboriginal Art Galleries adheres to the artist resale royalty scheme under Australian government legislation.

Our team is passionate about promoting the beautiful and often soulful works which our artists produce as well as supporting their communities. We have exhibited through various Reconciliation programs around Sydney and have shown our artworks in America, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.

Come in to experience our vibrant galleries showcasing a variety of crafts, artefacts and didgeridoos alongside our beautiful paintings. We have informed staff who can educate you whether you are a first time buyer or considering contributing to your existing collection.


Our Services

  • Guarantee of Authenticity
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Tax Free Purchases for Overseas Customers
  • Timely Delivery
  • Professional Hanging Service
  • Full Framing Service
  • Free Home Viewing for Sydney Customers
  • Lay-by Options
  • Professional Art Advisor


Our Promise

The artwork on display has been purchased either directly from the government community centers, by buying directly from the artists or our associated private art dealer. Artists are paid in full at time of purchase unless on consignment. Artists are paid the agree value for their artwork. This takes into consideration the artist's seniority and artistic status and other tangible indicators such as size and quality of artwork.

We actively promote Aboriginal art and culture in schools and clubs. We instigate cultural learning activities for children and a portion of sales is donated back to the schools. We value the uniqueness of the Australian Aboriginal culture and take pride in sharing certain aspects of them.

Aboriginal Art Galleries adheres to the artist resale royalty scheme under Australian government legislation and is a proud member of the Aboriginal Art Association of Australia.