Raymond Walters Penangk



Raymond Walters Penangk ( pen ung k) was born in Alice Springs in November 1975.

His grandfather’s country is Ngarleyekwerlang (narl e ker long) of Yuelumu ( Yuel a

mu) (Mt Allan) and his grandmother’s country is Alhalkerre (al lal ker a) Atnangkerre (a nung ker a) (Boundary Bore) of Utopia. Both his grandparents come from the Anmatyerre (ama jer da) language group. He also has extended family members from the Arrente, (arunda) Western Aranda (arunda), Alywarre, (al yow werda), Warlpiri (wal pri) and Kaytetye ( k didg) language groups. Raymond feels that art allows him to share the richness of Anmatyere Traditional, Cultural and Customary Law which has been passed down through ceremonies and everyday interactive learning by our Grandparents and extended family members.


Raymond is proudly linked to some of the most amazing sought after Anmatyerre (ama

jer da) artists such as Jack Cook Ngal, (narla) Kudditj Kngwarreye, (n war de) Emily

Kame (ka me) Kngwarreye, (n war de) Minnie Pwerle, (pearl) Margaret Scobie, Maureen

Hudson, Gloria Petyarre, (pet yarre) Barbara Weir, Kathleen Petyarre, (pet yarre) and

Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri (japal jarri) who have showcased the Aboriginal culture to the world audience through exhibitions and featuring in highly sought-after collections, continuing the world’s longest art tradition.


Raymond has been living in Victoria with his wife and children for the past few years. He is currently undertaking a Masters in Public Health, at Deakin University's, Institute of Koorie Education. He is passionate about contributing to making strong and sustainable change to the lives of his family and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and this opportunity to study has created a deeper insight and understanding into health on many levels. Raymond aims to inspire other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through the way in which he conducts himself and by sharing and passing on his knowledge to others.